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Steve Chandler's new 10-Program CREATING WEALTH Audio Series:


  1. Creating Wealth - 10-Program Audio SeriesWealth and Creativity
  2. The 17 Lies Applied to Wealth
  3. Time and Money
  4. Wealth through Reinventing Yourself
  5. Wealth and Motivation
  6. Wealth Worrier versus Wealth Warrior
  7. Shifting Your Mind to Wealth
  8. Detoxing from Culture and Society
  9. Becoming Financially Fearless
  10. Your Social Self vs. Your Professional Self


Also included in your Wealth Warrior membership:


  • January 2015 ~ CREATIVITY ON DEMAND with Steve Chandler and Michael Gelb
  • December 2014 ~ CURIOSITY, FUN and WEALTH with Steve Chandler and Tripp Lanier
  • November 2014 ~ DIVINE PLAY with Steve Chandler and Jeanne Catherine-Gray
  • October 2014 ~ LIVING WITH PURPOSE! with Steve Chandler and Dr. Sean C. Stephenson
  • September 2014 ~ EXPECTATION HANGOVER with Steve Chandler and Christine Hassler
  • August 2014 ~ VISIONEERING with Steve Chandler and Dr. Dennis Deaton
  • July 2014 ~ TOUGH QUESTIONS FOR STEVE ON WEALTH with Steve Chandler
  • June 2014 ~ CUSTOMER ASTONISHMENT with Steve Chandler and Darby Checketts
  • May 2014 ~ GAME vs. SHAME with Steve Chandler
  • April 2014 ~ COMMITMENT with Steve Chandler and Jeff Patterson
  • March 2014 ~ Your Life as IMPROV with Steve Chandler and Craig Zablocki
  • February 2014 ~ BEING HUMAN with Steve Chandler and Dr. Amy Johnson
  • January 2014 ~ CELEBRATING THE LIFE AND WORK OF COLIN WILSON with Steve Chandler
  • December 2013 ~ TAKING IT TO THE WORLD! with Steve Chandler and Brian Johnson
  • October 2013 ~ THE INNER GAME OF WEALTH with Steve Chandler and Dr. Pam Garcy
  • September 2013 ~ CREATING WEALTH IN TIMES OF CHANGE AND EXCITEMENT with Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin
  • August 2013 ~ THE POWER OF URGENCY with Steve Chandler and Will Keiper
  • July 2013 ~ WOMEN WHO ROCK THEIR LIVES with Steve Chandler and Alexandra Johnson
  • June 2013 ~ HAPPINESS PRIOR TO WEALTH with Steve Chandler and Michael Neill
  • May 2013 ~ WHEN THE MIND IS CLEAR with Steve Chandler and Jamie Smart
  • April 2013 ~ NO SUCH THING AS PASSIVE INCOME - Steve Answers Your Questions
  • March 2013 ~ LOVING WHAT YOU DO with Steve Chandler and Brian Johnson
  • February 2013 ~ LIVING TO SERVE with Steve Chandler and Jonathan Keyser
  • January 2013 ~ SOLVING OUR OWN MONEY ISSUES AND FEARS with Steve Chandler and Michelle Bauman
  • December 2012 ~ HOW TO SHIFT YOUR MIND TO SUCCESS with Steve Chandler and Chris Dorris
  • November 2012 ~ Steve Answers Your Questions on Creating Wealth
  • October 2012 ~ HOW TO BE A SMALL BUSINESS MILLIONAIRE with Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford
  • September 2012 ~ WOMEN CREATING PROSPERITY with Steve Chandler and Carolyn Freyer-Jones (download sample audio)
  • August 2012 ~ GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY with Steve Chandler and Michael Neill
  • July 2012 ~ LIFE EXPECTANCY and WEALTH with Steve Chandler and Will Keiper



  • How to Get Clients by Steve ChandlerEbook of Steve Chandler's Powerful Graceful Success.


  • Ebook of Steve Chandler's How to Get Clients.
  • Other gifts, goodies and surprises along the way dedicated to inspiring prosperity in you.


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Praise for Wealth Warrior by Steve Chandler:

      “Wealth results from creativity and service. Only always.” -- This gold nugget encapsulates the essence of Wealth Warrior. Steve Chandler has written dozens of life-changing books and Wealth Warrior is his best yet. His writing and coaching careers converge perfectly in this book. In the midst of all the political handwringing about creating jobs, Steve Chandler gets to the heart of where and how wealth and prosperity are really created – in the mind.  If you want to keep waiting for someone else to rescue you, skip this book. But if you are ready to take charge of your own wealth creation, get this book now.

~ Ron Wilder, author of The 100 Watt War



Steve Chandler

       Massive governmental action will not alter the world's prosperity. It never has and never will. Only you and I, operating as creative, inspired individuals, can create the turnaround the world longs for. This yearning for new wealth will be satisfied one person at a time; one inspired individual at a time.I invite you to join this Wealth Warrior Movement and make it your conscious, active purpose to prosper and be a role model for others.

~ Steve Chandler


Steve Chandler and Director, Maurice Bassett



"If you put together the best of Anthony Robbins and Wayne Dyer it still wouldn't be half as good as what Steve Chandler offers." ~ Dale Dauten, Boston Globe




       "Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one."  ~ Marianne Williamson

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