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RIGHT NOW: Mastering the Beauty of the Present Moment

     Steve Chandler's Right Now is his inspiring sequel to the brutally honest story of his addiction recovery, Death Wish.

    With his characteristically short, impactful chapters strung together like a chain reaction, Chandler brings us back to the source of all creation and joy: the present moment. We are left not only with a deep appreciation of the beauty of the "now," but also with many highly-motivating insights into actions we can take RIGHT NOW that we used to think would take a lot of endless preparation and "inner processing."

     Like his bestseller Time Warrior, this book was written to be an antidote to procrastination and worried obsessions about our negative imaginary future. Not only does the skill of living in the moment not make you a couch potato, it actually supplies you with energy you didn't know you had.

    "I wrote this book during the most active time of the Death Wish project," said Chandler. "We had been shipping copies of that book to treatment centers, addiction counselors, prisons and schools and receiving heartfelt feedback on how a simple book can move people to see life from a place of greater hope and optimism. I wanted to write a book during that uplifting time in my life that expressed the hidden energy contained in the present moment...the infinite creative potential of it."

     Based on his decades of experience as a corporate trainer and business coach, plus the improbable journey his own life has taken from addiction, divorce and bankruptcy, Right Now is short on theories and strategies but long on real world experience.

    "I had actually decided after Death Wish to retire from writing," Chandler said. "I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to say. And there were more than enough books by me out there in the world. But one morning I woke up, and then woke up again. I had just dreamed of a book cover that said RIGHT NOW and I realized that I had to write it. The idea was simple: There are things you can do right now. And there's a joy you can feel right now."

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"Death Wish…could not put it down until the very last drop.

A eulogy to be sung at ego’s funeral. GOD, Good Ole Death.

'Wanting to thrive, to flourish, to expand upward and outward in a joyful spiral of release is evolutionary.'
Your book will help to evolve our species.

My soul is vibrating, and for that I thank you.

I am already giving your ode to the glorious life to friends, with the echo of my laughter and tears."

                                                  --- Dicken Bettinger


Death Wish:
The Path through Addiction to a Glorious Life

is now available on Amazon


Death Wish dives into addiction, death and suicide. Steve Chandler tells stories he has never told and tells the truth he's hidden inside himself. Chandler shares his own experience, strength and hope with those who are still confused and depressed by these forces.

This really is about a true death wish. And. . . how to have that wish disappear.




Advanced Client Systems 2017 / 2018


     The Advanced Client Systems program is the radically strengthened and upgraded version of the Coaching Prosperity School that has so many famous grads and has been training coaches in building prosperous practices since 2007.
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     This is a program in which people who already know how to coach come to learn systems… for the acquisition and cultivation of clients, and the building of a prosperous coaching business.

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Crazy Good: A Book of CHOICES
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There's bad, there's good... And then there's CRAZY GOOD.

Steve Chandler's latest delivers a series of enlightening CHOICES we can make to have our lives soar FAR BEYOND anything we thought possible.

The hypnotized "I'm fine" life of "barely good enough" is revealed here to be thoroughly unnecessary - and easy to break free from.

The CHOICES Chandler gives us are clean, clear, simple to execute, and based on more than twenty years of training over thirty Fortune 500 companies and coaching hundreds of high-achieving individuals. This is Chandler at his best.

Choose NOW to create a life that's CRAZY GOOD.










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37 Ways to BOOST Your Coaching Practice
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Look for ways to touch the soul.

Remember what coaching's really about. It's about looking for ways to touch the soul, and having someone's life change.

Coaching simply can't be sold like other things are sold. And that turns out to be good news. Once you begin practicing true connection, you become successful.

In 37 Ways to BOOST Your Coaching Practice, Steve Chandler shows just what steps to take - and the 17 lies to avoid - to give your prospective clients a powerful experience of the work you do. Learn to fill your practice by moving beyond coaching-as-a-concept. Creating clients happens one coaching conversation at a time, one true connection at a time.

































Steve Chandler's iMindShift Blog

Let's Give Everyone a Fresh Chance

March 30, 2017


  Sometimes I like to assign movies for my clients to watch. One of them is Finding Dory. The little fish character voiced by Ellen DeGeneres has short term memory loss and much of the humor comes from her forgetting who the other characters are.

Hi, I'm Dory!

  She might have a long scene with a character and see the same character two minutes later and have no idea who she’s talking to. Then cheerfully she says, “Oh hello! My name is Dory!” How exciting to find a new relationship! And for Dory, they’re all showing up as new.

  What if I can try being Dory? When I arrive at a gathering and I see someone there who I have had judgmental thoughts about, this time I approach them as Dory. I am happy and cheerful. I am open and empty and so glad to run into them. There is no story about them that I have to filter their words through.

  When I show up empty, I am right here right now in the present moment. Like falling out of thought and like falling in love.  Because only in the here and now can I fall in love, because falling in love is an experience of pleasant surprise, or, as G.K. Chesterton said about his spiritual awakening, it’s like receiving “absurd good news.”

  And I can fall in love with anything. I recently learned to fall in love with taking the garbage out. I noticed that I dreaded it every week, and when it came time to do it I slogged through it as a means to an end. It never occurred to me that I could make it an end in itself.

  So I slowed it down and treated it like a sacred Zen practice. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t wait until garbage day. I’d even say to Kathy in a voice that sounded like elation, “Tomorrow’s a big day.”

  “Oh really? Why?”

  “Tomorrow is garbage day!” 

Garbage - Friendly  She began to worry about me.  She started looking online for what she could find about the first stages of dementia.

  Stories (elaborate webs of thought) make it hard for me to give something (like taking the garbage out) or someone (who had said something critical) a second chance. Someone criticizes me and I’m caught up into thinking they’ve done something deliberately hurtful. I try my best to forgive them, but built into the idea of forgiveness is the conviction that I am the person who was right and they are the person who was wrong. When I forgive them it feels like it’s big of me to do that! And that from now on they’ll never be on the same moral or ethical level as I am. It is from a superior level that I throw my pennies of forgiveness down to them. A magnificent being generously tossing coins into a human gene pool of inferiority.

  Dory would be kinder than that. Dory wouldn’t remember what that other person had done or said.

  In my experience of recovery from alcohol and drugs I have noticed that some people (who knew me when) never quite trusted or understood that my whole life had changed. I was “that drunk” to them every time they saw me, no matter that decades of sobriety had passed. I have friends and acquaintances in recovery who are never given a second chance by certain family members because the old stories are stronger than their capacity to forget.

  I don’t actually regret any of that. It shows me the power of a story. It shows me that stories can prevent a relationship from ever really happening. They can become stories about what men are like. They can be stories about what women really want. These kinds of stories can hypnotize almost everyone alive today.

  When I have a story about your political party, or your country, or your profession, who you really are doesn’t stand a chance. Whole countries have stories about other countries and will fight to the death to live out the story.

  My clients enjoy Finding Dory. They see the love behind giving someone a new start.  Maybe the saying “Forgive and forget” can be shortened, in the interest of time management, to simply “Forget.” If you did that it would give the people in your world a fresh chance.



Steve Chandler

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