Is creativity reserved for a rare, chosen few—or is it alive in each of us, behind our every breath, our every heartbeat? In CREATOR, Steve Chandler takes us on a voyage of discovery, beyond labels and categories, to a revelation about the true nature of creativity. It is not just within us—it is us. CREATOR opens our eyes and hearts to a new way of being in the world. Wise, poetic, funny—and eminently practical—CREATOR is a lucid and joyful exploration of who we really are.
      "This is Steve Chandler’s best book yet.  His stories are funny, engaging, thought provoking and inspiring and he helps us see that we are all connected through our energy and creative potential. He helps me see my relationship to my God-given creativity differently. The source of everything is always there for us to tap into at any moment.  I have used this book to change my work, my relationships and my life."

~ Tina Quinn
Author of Invisible Things

      "If the path to enlightenment is paved with the gold of insight, then Steve Chandler's book, CREATOR, is the Yellow Brick Road. Every page, paragraph, and even line, it seems, resonates with the truth that is within me and awakens me to a desire to create. To progress. To Be."

~ Andrew McKee
Author of Change Your Game, Change Your Life
      “CREATOR is magic in print! I was completely captivated (and thoroughly entertained) by how Steve Chandler effortlessly floats between spiritually profound and real-world practicality and helps us navigate it all along the way. CREATOR breaks down the walls of our 'conditioning' (even his take on THAT concept created a big shift for me) and introduces us to a life made more prosperous, more fun, more fulfilling and more joyful through the always-available-on-demand power of our creativity!"

~ Jason Goldberg
Author of Prison Break

      “CREATOR takes the reader on an adventure of the spirit-waking us all up to the creative joy of life. Through masterful personal storytelling, Steve Chandler enables you to see for yourself the light of creativity, in all of us, that shows up in the ordinary moments of our lives. Buckle up and experience this extraordinary journey of the human spirit, born from curiosity, love, and consciousness. You will be touched, moved, inspired and rediscover how magnificent and connected you (and we) really are."

~ Devon Bandison
Author of Fatherhood Is Leadership


NEW book:

RIGHT NOW: Mastering the Beauty of the Present Moment

Now available on Amazon HERE

     Steve Chandler's Right Now is his inspiring sequel to the brutally honest story of his addiction recovery, Death Wish.

    With his characteristically short, impactful chapters strung together like a chain reaction, Chandler brings us back to the source of all creation and joy: the present moment. We are left not only with a deep appreciation of the beauty of the "now," but also with many highly-motivating insights into actions we can take RIGHT NOW that we used to think would take a lot of endless preparation and "inner processing."

     Like his bestseller Time Warrior, this book was written to be an antidote to procrastination and worried obsessions about our negative imaginary future. Not only does the skill of living in the moment not make you a couch potato, it actually supplies you with energy you didn't know you had.

    "I wrote this book during the most active time of the Death Wish project," said Chandler. "We had been shipping copies of that book to treatment centers, addiction counselors, prisons and schools and receiving heartfelt feedback on how a simple book can move people to see life from a place of greater hope and optimism. I wanted to write a book during that uplifting time in my life that expressed the hidden energy contained in the present moment...the infinite creative potential of it."

     Based on his decades of experience as a corporate trainer and business coach, plus the improbable journey his own life has taken from addiction, divorce and bankruptcy, Right Now is short on theories and strategies but long on real world experience.

    "I had actually decided after Death Wish to retire from writing," Chandler said. "I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to say. And there were more than enough books by me out there in the world. But one morning I woke up, and then woke up again. I had just dreamed of a book cover that said RIGHT NOW and I realized that I had to write it. The idea was simple: There are things you can do right now. And there's a joy you can feel right now."

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"Death Wish…could not put it down until the very last drop.

A eulogy to be sung at ego’s funeral. GOD, Good Ole Death.

'Wanting to thrive, to flourish, to expand upward and outward in a joyful spiral of release is evolutionary.'
Your book will help to evolve our species.

My soul is vibrating, and for that I thank you.

I am already giving your ode to the glorious life to friends, with the echo of my laughter and tears."

                                                  --- Dicken Bettinger


Death Wish:
The Path through Addiction to a Glorious Life

is now available on Amazon


Death Wish dives into addiction, death and suicide. Steve Chandler tells stories he has never told and tells the truth he's hidden inside himself. Chandler shares his own experience, strength and hope with those who are still confused and depressed by these forces.

This really is about a true death wish. And. . . how to have that wish disappear.




Advanced Client Systems 2019

     The Advanced Client Systems program is the radically strengthened and upgraded version of the Coaching Prosperity School that has so many famous grads and has been training coaches in building prosperous practices since 2007.
     It includes and transcends all the teachings and principles of the same Steve Chandler Coaching Prosperity School that has won rave reviews from such graduates as Michael Neill, Rich Litvin, Stephen McGhee, Carolyn Freyer-Jones, Ron Wilder, Dusan Djukich and so many other of the world's best-known coaches.

     This is a program in which people who already know how to coach come to learn systems… for the acquisition and cultivation of clients, and the building of a prosperous coaching business.

details here







Crazy Good: A Book of CHOICES
is now available on Amazon

There's bad, there's good... And then there's CRAZY GOOD.

Steve Chandler's latest delivers a series of enlightening CHOICES we can make to have our lives soar FAR BEYOND anything we thought possible.

The hypnotized "I'm fine" life of "barely good enough" is revealed here to be thoroughly unnecessary - and easy to break free from.

The CHOICES Chandler gives us are clean, clear, simple to execute, and based on more than twenty years of training over thirty Fortune 500 companies and coaching hundreds of high-achieving individuals. This is Chandler at his best.

Choose NOW to create a life that's CRAZY GOOD.










    I am very happy to announce a brand new daily video show I am doing with Jason Goldberg called The Not So Serious Life. Jason and I will answer viewers' questions on how to put creativity, fun and the spirit of play into our work and home life so that all our days can be successful and crazy good.

   We also have all kinds of gifts and goodies for subscribers, and you'll get a short video episode daily, full of fun and unusual wisdom.......Jason is a very gifted life coach and comedic performer, and he and I are enjoying recording our first episodes....the Show itself launches August 10.....there is no charge to subscribe and receive our show.......

  Just go here:

Here's to the good life,








37 Ways to BOOST Your Coaching Practice
is now available on


Look for ways to touch the soul.

Remember what coaching's really about. It's about looking for ways to touch the soul, and having someone's life change.

Coaching simply can't be sold like other things are sold. And that turns out to be good news. Once you begin practicing true connection, you become successful.

In 37 Ways to BOOST Your Coaching Practice, Steve Chandler shows just what steps to take - and the 17 lies to avoid - to give your prospective clients a powerful experience of the work you do. Learn to fill your practice by moving beyond coaching-as-a-concept. Creating clients happens one coaching conversation at a time, one true connection at a time.






Steve Chandler's iMindShift Blog

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere

someone set me free


January 22, 2019



CREATOR cover   My new book, Creator, has just been released and in the back Recommendations section it tells you to come here to this blog site if you want to listen to two of the songs mentioned in the book.

   “The Middle of Nowhere” was written by Fred Knipe and myself back in our music business days when we did songwriting and music publishing for a living. “In Your Right Mind” was written by Fred a few years later after a long conversation we'd had about how natural creativity is for children and how it gets disconnected later in life when social anxieties take over a grown-up's life.

Steve and Chase playing guitar  edited

“The Middle of Nowhere”:

Middle of Nowhere


“In Your Right Mind”:

In Your Right Mind


   I hope you enjoy this music.


   And here's a little piece of Creator:


   For many years my job was songwriter. I co-wrote songs with my brilliant collaborator Fred Knipe. One of my favorite songs we wrote was called “The Middle of Nowhere.” One line was, “Out there in the middle of nowhere, someone set me free.”

   Normally the idea of being “in the middle of nowhere” is not so good. But something about that phrase was haunting. And it’s funny what happens when you take a second look at a phrase like that. Even funnier when you put music to it. It changes. What seems bleak and hopeless changes into something else.

   Just like a person’s life when you add the awareness of eternal creativity to it. It’s like putting music to words that never would have been heard.

   Writing that song got a small premonition of insight started in me back then. The insight that opens more every time I hear my recording of Fred singing it. What I now see is that there’s freedom in the middle of nowhere.

   In my mind, the middle of nowhere is where creativity seems to live when we don’t know we have it. It’s as if we’re in the eye of the storm, in the middle of a hurricane of creative energy. It’s where I drop my preconceived thoughts and beliefs about who I am. Or even what I should do next.

   From here, I can open to the source of spirit as taught by Dr. Ron Hulnick in his courses on spiritual psychology. He often invited his students to be willing to enter and stay awhile in “the divine unknowing,” a place the ego always wants to avoid, but a place where you will feel your true creative power.



Steve Chandler

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 The BLOG that creates the SPACE for the SHIFT to happen...

Worry is a misuse of the imagination

The Steve Chandler
Coaching Prosperity School

     We are doing another Coaching Prosperity School starting up in August 20 and 21 and February 18 and 19 in Phoenix.

     Each school allows for nine coaches to attend...we focus on only one thing: how to get clients and build prosperity by transformative coaching: Email Steve if you want to know how to attend or to ask about payment plans to attend...... Or ask anything.

    Like who some of the rather prosperous grads are. (Michael Neill, Stephen McGhee, Brian Whetten, Rich Litvin, Kendall Colman, Jim Earley, Google any of these great coaches.)

   The full fee for all six months of work is $9,000 and you can ask about payment plans.

    Here's something we learn in the school: Coaching is about transformation. Change. It's not about advice. Or tips. Or chatting with people. It's not just a sympathetic ear, either, that's just a tiny part of it.

     Coaching is transformation. If you are really into it, you will change your client's life. So act accordingly when you "sell" coaching.

     Most coaches I know sell coaching as if they were selling carpet cleaning...."Here's what it is per hour"...etc. If you are really into it, you will be there for your client more than their parents were, more than their business partner or even spouse is. You'll want to "sell" yourself accordingly. In this school you'll learn that.

    Please let me know ASAP if you have an interest in attending this school. You'd want to be ready to play bigger than you have ever played the game. Email me:

     The Coaching Prosperity School will seat nine coaches around the table. One must apply to be accepted. School begins in Phoenix August 20 and 21.

      In addition to our weekly email Billings and Proposals reports we seven (plus me) will pair off and do a phone session as well. So every coach at the school will experience being coached (and coaching) every other coach in the school. The weekly call will be an hour in duration, first half hour to coach and second half hour to be coached.

    For those coaches entering this school who have not been in any of my four previous coaching schools I will send you upon request some sample weekly email reports for you to read. (With the coaches made anonymous.) Each week you account for your week and I coach you based on your account.

    Sometimes what we're good at keeps us from being great. Especially if we are sole practitioners of our own business-as most coaches are-we have no one to gently push us or challenge the status quo. By not ever being pushed we operate at the lowest levels of success for ourselves, even when those around us see us as super-achievers.

    This school was set up to counter-balance that tendency, and to challenge us (myself included) to fresh new levels of performance.

For further information email me at

"In the last analysis, our only freedom
is the freedom to discipline ourselves."


Double Your Coaching Income    

    This is a school for building a prosperous practice. How to get more clients, how to get bigger and better clients, how to expand services for existing clients, how to increase fees without losing business, how to manage time and resources so your practice can be stress-free with plenty of time off....etc.

      We have had coaches and consultants from England, North Carolina, California, Minnesota, Colorado, Ohio, Washington DC and all over the globe in the first schools....and they all participated in the rigorous six month accountability portion of the school. 

    Coaches are thriving in this recession because they are needed more than ever. Clients are finally serious about getting a coach and making their lives and their careers WORK. Our vacation from history is over. People know it's time to get back in the game.

     In the past, people had a harder time committing to getting a coach. Not now. Now people see that this global competition is for real. Their only true financial security is inside themselves...their own skills and effectiveness. No more bubbles to ride or debt to run up. Get good or get out. Step up and play. People want coaching more than ever. 


A word on the Coaches Prosperity School:

 Justin Rhoner
     As a coach, it has been difficult to find a truly genuine and predictable approach to selling my services. I’ve maintained a 6-figure practice the past few years, but, until Steve’s course in Coaching Prosperity, the genuine arrival of new clients has been a mystery to me.

      I spent hours of time and thousands of dollars to “GET CLIENTS NOW,” and learn the latest and greatest from all the books, marketing boot camps, and seminars only to find more spins on that ancient and inauthentic practice of Guerilla Marketing. I’m not against these techniques, they have produced great results for my own companies and my clients, but, coaching is a bit different.

     Great coaches lose power when they fake it or try to “play the odds” with all the flyers, brochures, advertisements, and tricks. It’s not carpet cleaning we are selling. We’re not selling a piece of furniture, or changing appearances; we are changing lives.

     THANK YOU for your training and your guidance during the first 2 days of the school. You have helped me establish a truly authentic and predictable approach to filling my practice. When I applied just two things you shared on the FIRST DAY of the Coaching School - it brought in $9,000 in new business in less than 5 days…and the referrals continue to show up.

Unlocking Potential  


Jim Earley   "I've had my coaching business for nearly 18 years.  For at least 12 of those, I've dreamed of having a full practice.  I've dreamed of having a waiting list.  A waiting list of one would be enough.
     I'm a successful coach, so I've been busy with lots of clients for years.  Yet I've never felt like I was close to declaring a BINGO...hold your cards...this business is full!!!
     I attended Steve's Coaching Prosperity School about five weeks ago.  In that time, I've added six new clients and have four others likely to start soon.
     The thing is, I don't have room for all four. I have room for two.  By the end of this week I'll probably be full. It's crazy.  I did it. Thanks Steve!"

Trailblazer Coaching


Stephen McGhee     "Steve Chandler's coaching school is the most powerful thing I have done for my business in over 10 years. My prior mid six figure income is now skyrocketing and at the same time I am enjoying more peace and calm in my daily business. I actually took off two days last week. This is how I imagined my consulting and coaching practice could be. Chandler’s six month school is both practical and magical. If you are fortunate enough to attend this class…just do it. Don’t let your reasons stop you. It would be like having a winning lottery ticket in your hand and then not scratching off the winning numbers to cash it in. I highly recommend you enroll in this class and move your business to 7 figures."

Leadership Coach
and author of Learning to Believe the Unbelievable


Brian Whetten, Ph.D., M.A. - Life and Executive Coach"When I heard about this weekend, I was both excited and a bit skeptical. I hold Steve in the highest regard, and at the same time I was silently like "$9K for 4 days - are you kidding?" I wasn't sure he'd even fill the class. Oops. My bad. :-) The class filled quickly, and he had to turn a lot of people away. And everyone I talked to felt it was an absolute home run.

      For me, it was life changing. I very well may have received $100K in value in just two days, and everyone I talked to felt it was a home run. We'll see what happens over the next six months...I set the commitment to double my income, and the intention to increasing it by even more."

     Steve holds a beautiful presence, and he is hilarious. Laughter and joy are very high vibrations, and it was a very joyful weekend. Plus, by enrolling some exceptional people in the group, the group energy fed on itself. If you do teach classes, please note that you don't have to hold all the energy yourself! For example, I love the energy of this group, and your commitment to yourselves and to each other. Much of the value of our class - and of Steve's class - comes from the energy field we create together. Then to top it off, Steve Hardison (Chandler's coach, who charges $150K/year and is one of the top coaches in the world) made a surprise appearance on Saturday afternoon, and took things up another 3-4 octaves. We went into the weekend as strangers and competitors, and we came out as spiritual family."

Life and Executive Coach


Raja C. Hireker - Marketing & Life Change Coach    "The power of being in a Coaching School is truly dynamic, for all those participating. Being in one led by Steve Chandler, is priceless. Not only that, I've gained MORE in the ongoing, weekly accountability process than pretty much all the books on my shelf... COMBINED. Oh, and don't be at all surprised if you make fabulous new friendships and strike up creative new business relationships with your fellow attendees... I have!"

Marketing & Life Change Coach


Michael Schantz         "The curriculum is condensed, powerful and effective as a learning curve. The  Coaches Prosperity School is exactly that, coaching for mastery and bringing each coach who enrolled to their true mastery. In the coaches school, Steve brought all the other coaches to their true compass heading. The brilliance, intimacy, energy, and life passion which were created during those two days was an awesome phenomenon to behold. The good part is that each coach has now set intentions and goals, and is taking full responsibility to double their income.
     "Steve didn't just hit one out of the ballpark this time; he knocked the stadium over with this teaching! Don't hesitate or worry about finding the money - enroll in this powerful learning experience"

Author of  75 Principles of Conscious Leadership


Scott Young    "Steve Chandler's Coaching School is all at once remarkable and revealing, ambitious and provocative. In the first two days of live coaching I experienced and received more useful knowledge and guidance than I have (ever) received in YEARS of attending other success and practice-building seminars -- YES! It is that profound.

   The interaction among students and teacher was absolutely astonishing. Two weeks after returning from the opening workshop I created an additional $3,200 in income as a direct result of a technique I learned from Steve."

Scott Young Design Consulting
Charlotte, NC


Ruth Thompson     "Steve Chandler is more than a great teacher, coach and mentor. He is an inspired and inspiring human being. Because of the school -- and my "classmates" -- my life and work are changing in amazing ways."


Leadership Coaching and Communications
Washington, DC


Pam Neckar    “Steve Chandler is an amazing, no nonsense, straight-forward coach who motivates your soul into action. He has inspired me to personal breakthroughs that will allow me to transform my professional and personal life to a higher level. I now have the courage and confidence to create my own destiny and not hide behind my fears.”

Project Coach

      Most coaches don't know their value. They vastly underrate the impact they have on their clients' lives and businesses. And they undercharge for their services.


     What happens, then, when they raise their fees? My experience has proven that some very good, counter-intuitive things happen:

1. More clients are drawn to your practice. Paradox!
2. The quality of your clients improves. (Heaven.)
3. Your own work improves. (You wake up and rise up.)
4. Clients are more committed to getting results so they
a. Listen better.
b. Follow recommendations more enthusiastically.
c. Show up on time for sessions and rarely cancel.
d. Produce results faster.
e. Are more likely to spontaneously refer other clients.
f. Will refer people to you who are more suitable for your stronger

    In my six month school for coaches we address the only thing standing in the way of stronger fees...fear of what people would think. That fear can be eliminated by learning communication skills for fee discussions. Learning and practicing.

   Most coaches don't understand what they are truly worth to their clients. Even when the client reports a major financial breakthrough because of the coaching, the coach doesn't get what happened. Can you relate to that? I can!

    Many coaches I know get better and better at coaching as they go along. Most would say they are twice as effective as they were two years ago. But do their fees reflect that? No. Usually their fees are the same!

    Most time management challenges faced by coaches and speakers today are caused by fees that are too low. Their schedules are jammed up with small fee clients demanding their time. They can't see that larger fees would simplify their lives and sort out their schedules quickly. Their own money fears creep in and sabotage their practices.


    When you are accountable each week to report your financial progress to me (and the other six coaches), you tend to think all that week in terms of progress and creating results. You know you're going to be reporting it, so you think more about it and how to achieve it. It becomes your creative theme.

   When you have no such path of accountability you slide back into past habits. I know I do! We repeat the past. The bold and innovative part of you goes to sleep. Or rather it doesn't. Not entirely. What usually happens is that it emerges for others but not for you. You reveal it when you are coaching your clients. That's you at your best! Your most spontaneously resourceful!

   Yet when it comes to your own practice, you are not accountable to anyone. So you lose energy and get repetitive. The past simply repeats itself from its own momentum.

We will change that with six months of accountability. You will enjoy being held accountable to your own potential.

      I could stage a big event with a few hundred coaches in it and deliver this "information" as information. There are now hundreds of thousands of coaches ready to benefit from such a seminar. But to me it is more important that seven coaches actually get it.  I choose to have sevem coaches get these transformations deep down. At the cellular level. At the DNA level. Or, as jazz great Charles Mingus used to say, "Better get it in your soul."

     Seven coaches will be selected (some of whom also do public speaking) to join me at this retreat where the focus will be on  practice-building.

    Most coaches never think beyond incremental improvement. Therefore they never get out of Groundhog Day increments, merely reliving the past each year. Rather than a fresh prosperous future, their year will always be the past revisited. There is no created future. . . just another "newer, better past." But it's still the past. This is why most incomes of good companies and private practices improve by only 10% over the previous year.

     When we expand the mind to the concept of doubling our business or more, fresh ideas for breakthroughs emerge, because they have to.

     Because I am limiting this to seven coaches, please move quickly to secure your place at the table. Apply for the school by sending me an email. Be ready and willing to share your total practice with us (including psychological details) and to work VERY hard toward total reinvention of how you do business.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

~Steve Chandler




     Shifting to a higher level of success takes much more than “information” – it requires a leap in understanding that changes how you view the world…a MindShift.

Your Success is Just a MindShift Away...Are You Ready?


Change your thoughts…
create your reality! 

     Your mind is the "projector" of your life experience. If you do not like what's playing on a movie screen do you try to fix the screen? Of course not, you would change what's playing in the projector... thus, the way to create more success and happiness in your life is to change the movie in your mind – in other words, change your thinking.  

Are you ready to change your world? 

       Steve Chandler's new MindShift CD course is packed with tools that show you how to instantly shift your mind up out of fear and lack to the higher levels of consciousness where success is created. Everything is based on taking ownership of your Spirit and becoming the creator of your life. MindShift is HOW you change the film in your projector (mind) to create your life exactly how you want it.

Click HERE to find out how 
MindShift can help you shift up to higher levels of success

Darby Checketts      "Steve Chandler is as Steven Spielberg. He'll recruit you as the Casting Director for your own life. Your thoughts will project you into the happy and powerful role you may have only dreamed about. Reading Shift Your Mind: Shift the World and listening to Steve's CD series, MindShift is the way to make the earth move under your feet to transform the landscape of your life." 

~ Darby Checketts
Author of The New American Prosperity

Dr. Pam Garcy    "I love the MindShift CDs... Steve Chandler has such a fresh approach--it always invites me to do more! I consider him brilliant and his words fill me with the right energy to push onward at key times!"

~ Dr. Pam Garcy 
Author of The Power of Inner Guidance

Monica Magnetti"Going through life without listening to an amazing tool like Steve Chandler's  MindShift series is like driving a Maserati in first gear only."


~Monica Magnetti, BFA/CPCC
Author of
30 Days to a New You