MindShift: The Steve Chandler Success Course

Note: there are no audio CDs included with this product. 
MindShift consists of downloadable mp3 audio files.

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MindShift: The Steve Chandler Success Course includes the following downloadable mp3 audio programs by Steve Chandler as well as the bonus PDF ebook, Steve Chandler's Favorite Quotations.

We offer the following audio programs for your personal use and enjoyment.  Please write Maurice Bassett at reinventingyourself@gmail.com for purchase information on group use, reselling and other forms of distribution.


MindShift: The Steve Chandler Success Course ~ Downloadable mp3 audio
Read by Steve Chandler (Total playing time: 9 hours, 25 minutes.)

Shifting to a higher level of success takes much more than “information.” It requires a leap in understanding that changes how you view the world… a MindShift.

MindShift, Part One. (62 minutes) 1. Open Mind 2. The Ladder to Spirit 3. From Reaction to Creation 4. Exiting the Comfort Zone 5. Dissolving Expectation
MindShift, Part Two. (62 minutes) 1. Commitment 2. RelationSHIFT 3. Create Your Own Space
MindShift, Part Three. (50 minutes) 1. Precise vs. Vague 2. Logic Power 3. Creating Unfair Advantages
MindShift, Part Four. (53 minutes) 1. Create a Physical Equivalent 2. Replacing Old Habits with New 3. The Magic of the End User 4. Getting OUT of the Future 5. The Terminator 6. Weakness into Strength
MindShift, Part Five. (45 minutes) 1. Secret Power of Practice 2. Fearlessness 3. Personality Prison
MindShift, Part Six. (40 minutes) 1. Introducing Spirit 2. Commitment and Spirit 3. Spiritual Muscle 4. Doing Things Religiously
MindShift, Part Seven. (44 minutes) 1. Money Fear 2. My Calling 3. Using the 80/20 Formula
MindShift, Part Eight. (47 minutes) 1. Busy-ness is Laziness 2. Laziness is Cowardice 3. Self-concept is Destiny 4. Re-design Your Self-esteem
MindShift, Part Nine. (52 minutes) 1. Creating Agreements 2. Language of Success 3. The Owner-Victim Distinction 4. Owner Words vs. Victim Words
MindShift, Part Ten. (46 minutes) 1. Proper Use of Heroes 2. The “How To” vs. the “Want To” 3. Creating Your Success as A Creator

MindShift bonus audio: The Back Story: My Life Was A Disaster - Steve Chandler in conversation with Julie Blake. (64 minutes)

Steve reveals to interviewer Julie Blake the details of his personal journey from bankruptcy, divorce and addiction to a joyful, creative and prosperous life. This bonus audio is only available with the purchase of MindShift.

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