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Steve Chandler on SELLING

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Steve Chandler on SELLING includes the following downloadable mp3 audio programs by Steve Chandler.

We offer the following audio programs for your personal use and enjoyment.  Please write Maurice Bassett at reinventingyourself@gmail.com for purchase information on group use, reselling and other forms of distribution.


9 Lies Audio Companion

An audio companion to the book, 9 Lies That Are Holding Your Business Back and the Truth That Will Set it Free by Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford.  Not an audiobook but a companion to the book.  A potent summary by Steve of the book, 9 Lies.  Worth a pilgrimage for business owners with a high level of commitment to success.

10 Habits of Successful Salespeople 

Experience Steve’s top ten mind-opening habits intended to strengthen your relationships with your current, prospective and former clients.  Learn to bring more consciousness to your profession if selling is a part of your professional life.

17 Sales Lies

Learn to upend the lies (rationalizations) that keep you from taking care of your customers and making all the sales you want.


Turn your concept of challenges upside down. (And that’s a good thing.)  By highlighting the positive benefits of challenges, Steve shows you how you can stop dreading and avoiding them, and start enjoying them.  The more you challenge yourself and build a relationship with challenge, the less you will fear and dislike the challenges the world throws at you.  In fact, you may just say to the world, “Bring it on!”

Creating Clients

Steve serves up the 18 Disciplines of Coaching Client Acquisition.  Power up your coaching practice by making use of these disciplines.  Soon they will become activities you thrill to and breath in to. And when they are practiced out in the world with real people, they get amazing results. After awhile they are just automatic. They’ll feel like natural acts of easy relationship-building.

Creative Relationships 

Every relationship is a blank canvas and in every relationship you have a choice:  to react or to create.  The distinctions and principles Steve provides are an invaluable resource for painting your masterpiece and creating the relationships you want.

Financially Fearless 

Upgrade your belief systems and become fearless around money.  Make the shift from pleasing people to serving people.  Money becomes a problem only when we don’t love and serve in profound ways that make a difference.

People People 

Seek out and hire “people people” to have your store, your company or your team do well.  Build your team to a higher standard by hiring people with a high regard for relationships and who value service.

The Fearless Mindset 

Ever wonder why people push back and resist you?  Understand why it is that people become defensive and learn how to become a better leader or salesperson.

You’ll Get What You Want By Asking for It   

The world is ready to say “yes,” if only we weren’t afraid of “no”!  You can’t have yeses without nos.  If you are willing to get a lot of nos every day you’ll have more yeses than anyone else.

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