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The POWER of TAKING OWNERSHIP includes the following downloadable mp3 audio programs by Steve Chandler.

We offer the following audio programs for your personal use and enjoyment.  Please write Maurice Bassett at reinventingyourself@gmail.com for purchase information on group use, reselling and other forms of distribution.


Time Warrior audiobook (Total playing time: 3 hours, 42 minutes. Read by Bill Eimers.)

Time Warrior is a revolutionary, non-linear approach to dealing with time, as bold as it is fresh and new. What is non-linear time management? Non-linear time management is a commitment to action in the present moment. It's looking at a task and choosing NOW or “not now.” If it's not now, it's got to be NEVER, or placed in a time capsule that has a spot on the calendar and therefore out of the mind. The mind must remain clear and empty of all future considerations. All fear comes from picturing the future. Putting things off increases that fear. Soon we are nothing but heavy minds weighing down on weary brains. Too much future will do that. Only a warrior's approach will solve this. A warrior takes his sword to the future. A warrior also takes his sword to all circumstances that don't allow him to fully focus.

Creative Relationships 

Every relationship is a blank canvas and in every relationship you have a choice:  to react or to create.  The distinctions and principles Steve provides are an invaluable resource for painting your masterpiece and creating the relationships you want.

How to Help a Pessimist 

Do you have a pessimist in your life that you want to help but don’t know how?  Have all your attempts failed?  Steve explains how and why constructive criticism and teaching don’t work, and he details what does.  Learn how to be the change you wish to see in people, (as Gandhi said), and, as Steve says… watch it work.

How to Solve Problems

Your problems don’t have to be problems… Anymore.  With a refreshingly unique approach to problem solving, Steve uncovers problem-solving booby-traps and shows you how you can solve any problem in just four steps.  Stop carrying your problems around… SOLVE THEM.

Information vs. Transformation

Break free from “information addiction” by applying, testing and experimenting with what you’ve learned.  Step out of your comfort zone and into transformation.  Steve shares his own experiences of transformation-based learning.

Making a Difference 

All kinds of wonderful things can happen when you’re looking for the difference you can make.  Create the relationships you want and the life you want by always asking, “What difference can I make?”

Ownership and Leadership 

How do you build and lead a team of Owners?  Steve pinpoints the key elements of the Ownership mindstyle.

Personality Reinvented

Personality Reinvented invites you to discover your own freedom of choice.  And discover that you can be whoever you need to be.  Your personality is not fixed and permanent.

Purpose vs. Personality 

Everything looks frightening when you’re living from your personality rather than from purpose.  Make friends with purpose and take it with you throughout the day.  To live from purpose, wake up to what you’re up to and practice it.

The Fearless Mindset

Ever wonder why people push back and resist you?  Understand why it is that people become defensive and learn how to become a better leader or salesperson.

The Focused Leader 

What’s the one thing, the most important thing, you need to do right now?  If you know what it is, you can go slowly and you’ll do it very well and get more done by the end of the week.  Block out time for what needs to be done, slow things down, and draw on whole-brain thinking.

The Function of Optimism 

Optimism – which is possibility thinking – is a type of success programming we can use.  Learn how to take on the programming of optimism to be more effective in everything you do and reach your goals faster.

The Joy of Succeeding: Steve Chandler LIVE in LA

Take charge over your own happiness. Bring back enthusiasm. Create the energy and outcomes you desire.  Steve explains how you can achieve joy and success by harnessing the natural power of your mind and living consciously from your spirit.

The Owner / Victim Choice 

Based on the bestselling book, Reinventing Yourself.  Owners have an awareness of their own freedom of choice and they love to make and keep agreements.  They own their own spirit and energy and have a sense of personal responsibility and self-control.  Victims are victims of circumstance who navigate their days based on their shifting feelings.

The Ultimate Time Management System 

If you’re not getting it all done, here’s a way to get control over your day.  Avoid burnout and stress by bringing completion into your day.  Finishing every task each day brings order to what would be chaos.

Welcoming Every Circumstance 

Steve invites us to explore the possibility of living a simpler, more peaceful, happier life.  We create our reality according to our perceptions and can learn to strengthen our response to the circumstances of our lives – the recession, divorce, job loss – by upgrading our perceptions, by seeing the good and the opportunities in our circumstances.  Ask yourself, “What’s good about this?  What strengthens me?”

You’ll Get What You Want By Asking for It   

The world is ready to say “yes,” if only we weren’t afraid of “no”!  You can’t have yeses without nos.  If you are willing to get a lot of nos every day you’ll have more yeses than anyone else.

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