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Powerful Graceful Success - The Secret Key to Mastering Time, Love and Money!

"Powerful Graceful Success - The Secret Key to Mastering Time, Love and Money"

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Your Success is Just a MindShift Away!

Your Success is Just a MindShift Away!

Michael Neill - Author of You Can Have What You Want    “Over the past couple of years, I’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars to mine Steve Chandler’s encyclopedic insight into the psychology of wealth, happiness and success. To my delight, with ‘MindShift’ Steve has finally recorded the encyclopedia and made it available in this life-changing ten CD set.”

~Michael Neill
Bestselling author of Feel Happy Now

Reviewed by Joe Vitale     "Some books that can help you awaken and begin to change are ones by Steve Chandler, who I am reading lately. See his gems at www.SteveChandler.com Great stuff. I'm becoming a fan of Steve Chandler."

~Joe Vitale, The Secret


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