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The CREATING WEALTH Audio Series includes the following ten downloadable mp3 audio programs by Steve Chandler.

We offer the following audio programs for your personal use and enjoyment.  Please write Maurice Bassett at reinventingyourself@gmail.com for purchase information on group use, reselling and other forms of distribution.


Wealth and Creativity:

Wealth and creativity are profoundly interrelated. Wealth comes from the visionary capacity of the brain and involves whole-brain thinking. In this insightful audio, Steve explains the clear choice we have to stop reacting and start creating, to use the higher parts of the brain to escape fear and threat seeking and create new systems that will bring wealth. Get out of the systems keeping you stuck. Steve shows you how to tap into your most creative self—daily. What do you want to create?

The 17 Lies Applied to Wealth:

In this audio program, based on Steve’s bestselling book 17 Lies, Steve details the common lies that are disconnecting you from the truth and explains how to reconnect to reality—a vital step in achieving your wealth goals.

Time and Money:

How you use your time determines the wealth you create. This audio is a fantastic companion to Steve’s books Time Warrior and Wealth Warrior. Steve demonstrates how to shift from the non-wealth-producing view of time as linear to the wealth-producing, Time Warrior’s view of non-linear time. Steve explains how to get to your best wealth-creating leverage point using this groundbreaking distinction. The present moment contains unbelievable possibilities. Don’t miss them! Get out of your future and rise up to the present moment with Steve’s best tips on making money NOW.

Wealth through Reinventing Yourself:

Move toward wealth faster by reinventing yourself. Continue to grow, become more relaxed, resourceful, imaginative, energetic, and serve more people in a more profound way. In this audio Steve will tell you how, based on one fundamental choice, you can easily reinvent yourself today and begin to create more wealth. Become an owner of your life—and your bank account—by reinventing yourself today.

Wealth and Motivation:

You can motivate yourself to do whatever you want. Motivation comes from the inside and, as Steve notes, there are at least 100 ways to motivate yourself. In this audio, based on years of study and his first book, 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself, Steve provides you with the understanding and methods you can use to create wealth through motivation. Creating wealth this way is not only fun, it’s easier than you think.

Wealth Worrier vs. Wealth Warrior:

Worry is a misuse of your imagination. When you worry, you stop the flow of energy, creativity and innovation and actually reduce your effectiveness. With this audio, Steve helps you shift from a Wealth Worrier to a Wealth Warrior. Learn the disciplines to stop the fear, doubt and worry. Shift to a Wealth Warrior mindset to boost self-esteem, gain more energy, see creative opportunities and start producing the wealth you desire. Take your imagination back. Now is the time to enter the game with a Warrior mindset.

Shifting Your Mind to Wealth:

The human brain is your biological computer that runs the show, so what better place to start creating prosperity? Creativity and inspired thinking about how to make money comes from the right side of your brain. In this audio, Steve shares techniques that will help you open up the right side of your brain and tune in. Learning to understand your brain is the first step toward achieving all your wealth goals.

Detoxing from Culture and Society:

You don’t have to react to the culture and society that is already out there; you can create your own. Steve gives you his best ideas on how to detox from culture and society by creating your own path and community on your way to prosperity.

Becoming Financially Fearless:

Learn how to deal with rejection, escape fear, and simplify your way to creating wealth.

Your Social Self vs. Your Professional Self:

Understanding this distinction is key to freeing yourself up to create wealth. Using your Social Self in the business world can be disastrous. Leaders don’t lead from their Social Selves. Learn how to create a truly authentic Professional Self and be effective in your money making endeavors.

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