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What if fear is the only problem that there is to solve?

the Book by
FEARLESS - Create the Courage to Change the Things You Can

the Song by
Julie Blake - Creating Magic Moments at Your Events




     How would you live if you weren’t afraid?…

Afraid of not living up to others expectations of you?
Afraid of what others might think of you if
you followed your own heart?
Afraid of what you think you’ll lose if you go after your dreams and “fail?”

Does being fearless mean that you
will never feel fear again?

     Being fearless means seeing through the illusion of fear and understanding that fear is a result of a thought and realizing that you have the power to question your thoughts and create whatever you want in life... It's just a MindShift away.

     "A fearless life will never depend on the news that comes in today. A fearless life will depend on the gentle spirit already inside you... the one that you're relaxing into right now." ~Steve Chandler

    Ever wonder what's on the other side of fear?

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you've got to rise above
From John Mayer's song 
No Such Thing

     The "lie you've got to rise above" is fear. Fear is the illusion of the "real world," the illusion of "not enough" - not enough time, money or love - fearing you are not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, rich enough, young enough, or old enough to really follow your dreams and live a life of no regrets. 

    On the other side fear is...

- Is self love so deep that you find yourself happy no matter what happens outside of you...no matter what others say or do or don't do.

- The reality that you are already FREE! Free from trying to live up to the expectations of others! Free from waiting on others or the world to change in order to be happy.

- You find yourself fully present in the moment fearlessly creating what you want - regardless of the past or attached to an imagined future.

- A clear path to your success... it's quite humorous when you realize that most "obstacles" are simply made up.


Is it really possible to become fearless?

Julie Blake


How I went from the living hell of chronic fatigue syndrome (more like...chronic fatigue thinking!) to health and living my dream of being a founding member of Club Fearless, a transformational courage coach and singer/songwriter.

~Julie Blake

     YES! I am here to share my experience of waking up from what I call the spell of fear that is seemingly cast upon humanity. If I can wake up and create a life I love and live my dreams - I truly believe that anyone can and it is my passion and mission to show you the way and help you get to the root cause of happiness - your thinking... shifting your mind up out of fear and up into reality.

     Becoming Fearless is not just another self-help topic, or another new buzz word – it is the difference between merely surviving and truly being alive. It’s a conscious choice to become the owner and creator of your life. As you realize the power that you give away to your fears and just how precious your thoughts and attention are, you will start to wake-up from the spell of fear that has been seemingly cast upon humankind. This is my mission, I am here to help you break free from fear and discover that your freedom is just a thought away.

      Owners/creators function from a freedom based operating system – they no longer seek anything outside of themselves to make them happy or complete – you will not find them waiting for the world or others to change – instead, they become the change they are seeking. Not only are they free from fear, they have freed themselves from constantly judging things as right or wrong. They know the secret of life – they know that life does not turn out how they think it should or shouldn’t – they know that life turns out “how life turns out”…they love “what is” and see opportunity in everything. They have stopped arguing with life and made peace with reality.

When you argue with reality you lose, but only 100% of the time."


     My Coach and Mentor, Steve Chandler has created some very powerful tools to help you shift from fear to freedom, they are cleverly weaved into everything he has written and spoken about. For example: by simply asking yourself where you are on “The Ladder” that Steve describes (at the bottom of the ladder is fear, at the top of the ladder is creativity) you can instantly transport yourself into the present moment and choose to create what you want, instead of just reacting out of fear or anger.

      Steve’s books and MindShift CDs have been a major catalyst in helping me shift my operating system from fear to freedom, and every coaching session has resulted in a catastrophic mind shift that took me waaaay beyond my imagination. I would not be writing this book or singing my song without Steve. I still read and re-read Steve’s books and listen to his audio CD’s. Steve helped me realize that you never “arrive,” you have to wake-up your soul and re-commit to your dreams, happiness and freedom everyday. I am honored to be serving by Steve’s side.


     In 2006 I really wondered if I would even be alive if I did not have my son to take care of. I had the story of chronic fatigue syndrome and it was like having cement blocks on my feet - making it through a trip to the grocery store was a miracle. If I went for a 15 minute walk it would take days to recover. My life was a living hell, my mind was full of all these great ideas and my body was exhausted. I had given up on life, (but in reality I was just someone who believed my thoughts).

     To make matters worse, I had spent the last 17 years studying everything from Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws, The Science of Mind and a plethora of other success, spiritual and metaphysical studies. So, I really beat myself up with thoughts like "I should know better" and "I should get this by now."

     The truth was that I was living in a imagined future to escape from facing the reality that I had created. However, I had a very intense desire to find the root cause of success and happiness. While I really grew and learned many wonderful things from all my studies, my life was still a disaster.

     Even though I had all this knowledge and many “enlightening” and amazing spiritual experiences, when I took an honest look at my life and realized that I was not living a fulfilled happy life full of abundance. The reality was – that I was deep in debt, depressed and my health was a disaster. I was still asleep.

     In October of 2006, at a little workshop in Nashville I was introduced to The Work of Byron Katie and it was like everything I had studied for the past 17 years finally made sense! I now had a powerful tool to undo all the fearful thoughts that were in reality the only thing keeping me from being happy, healthy and living my dreams.

     Katie says that "the worst thing and the best thing that can happen to you is a thought." And actually, a thought is all you really get...the stories that you make up about yourself, events that happen, what others say or do. (Steve Chandler wrote a whole book about this called The Story of You) Here's how thoughts works...

     Okay, now be honest, what thoughts went through your mind when you saw the motor vehicle pictured above? One person might see it as an environmental enemy, another might view it as the ultimate success in life, another may view it has a reminder of their lack of success and yet another may feel grief and pain as they lost a loved one in an accident with this type of automobile. Who's perception is right? 

     The reality is that it is just an automobile that transports people from one place to another. It's a collaboration of metal, an engine, tires, glass, paint etc. It has absolutely no meaning until someone makes up a story about it. We can think the happiest or most destructive thoughts about this vehicle and it will not change - it will still just be a car driving down the road.

     Your thoughts might not effect the Hummer, however your thoughts effect you and your entire world as you are perceiving it. If you choose to think negative thoughts about something you see outside of you... in that moment destroy your own happiness and success.

     It became crystal clear to me why I was not as happy and successful as I wanted to be - I was waiting for the world, others and life to change in order to make me happy. It was like I was watching a movie that I didn't like and I kept trying to fix the screen instead of changing what was playing in the projector...my mind!

     I filled notebooks undoing my stressful fearful thoughts and I even attended Katie's 9-day School in Los Angeles, it was incredible...I rose above my fears and found heaven on earth (the song FEARLESS is about my experiences at The School). But, even after this amazing experience I still did not know how to fully incorporate it into my life and completely transform my struggle into success.

     Shortly after attending The School I was introduced to Steve Chandler and his book 100 Ways to Create Wealth. I read his book many times over taking notes and noticing how his writing gently shifted my thinking up out of fear to possibility and gave me actual tools to create new thinking habits and transform my dreams into reality.

     Steve's books and CDs went beyond changing what I was doing - and transformed who I was being by shifting my mind up to a higher level of awareness and consciousness.

     Until I really, REALLY got that my only real problem was my thinking (how I was interpreting life's events) then I realized that I was empowered to create my own solutions. While I had no control over many things that happened in life, I had complete control over how I chose to respond to them instead of just reacting and feeling victimized by them. Until I really got that I was a creator of my life and not a victim of life...I just kept on "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic" as Steve says.

     Steve Chandler's MindShift CDs are referred to as the "Ultimate Success Course" because that is exactly what it is. As you listen you'll find that success courses through you as it leads you to your own brilliance, wisdom and spirit. It gently shifts your mind up to a higher level of consciousness, above the fears that stop us from being all that we want to be. It works with directly with the root cause of success - your thinking.

     If you are ready to go to the next level of success, no matter how much success you have or have not already achieved, MindShift will take you there. MindShift will give you the exact tools and process that I used to break free from my addiction to being a victim of life to become an owner of spirit and living my life out loud.

     After studying success, self-help, the Universal Laws and metaphysical studies for the past 17 years, believe me when I tell you that Steve's MindShift CDs truly are The Ultimate Success Course.

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Your Success is Just a MindShift Away!

Shifting from struggle to success is a 
gentle MindShift away... 

    The secret behind all of Steve's work is that it shifts you up out of fear and into reality, most of us are not functioning in reality. When we have our fear goggles on, all we can see are the imaginary obstacles that send us off on tangents away from what we want to create... like the "imaginary boulders in the road" that Steve talks about on MindShift - he says it's the imaginary problems that take us way off course and when we are operating in reality - the real problems can easily be solved with logic and research. I have humbly found this to be true.   

     MindShift gets to the root cause of success (and unhappiness)...your thinking - but it goes much deeper than that. Even though I believed in the power of my thoughts, I still did not know HOW to actually change my reality with my thoughts. My trouble was that I kept thinking that success was a place to get to, what MindShift showed me was that success is a place to come from.

  Are you distinctly ready to succeed?

         What makes MindShift different from other success programs is that Steve Chandler gives soooo much more than just information...he delivers "distinctions." Once you "get" a distinction it is so clear that you never forget it —it changes the way you view life...changes who you are BEING.

    A reality changing distinction is the Owner vs Victim. Once you hear Steve speak about the language of the Owner vs the Victim, it changes your entire perspective on life and shifts your mind to higher level of consciousness.

MindShift - The Ultimate Success Course!

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