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Our ACS 2019 coaches in New York City

Come release the limitations and enjoy PROSPERITY through COACHING

     The Steve Chandler Coaching Prosperity School, with its focus on Advanced Client Systems, has had many famous grads and has been training coaches in building prosperous practices since 2007.
     Our 2019 / 2020 school runs from November 15, 2019 to May 17, 2020, and includes and transcends all the teachings and principles of the same Coaching Prosperity School that has won rave reviews from such graduates as Michael Neill, Rich Litvin, Stephen McGhee, Carolyn Freyer-Jones, Ron Wilder, Dusan Djukich, Jason Goldberg, Ankush Jain and so many other of the world's best-known coaches.

     This is a program in which people who already know how to coach come to learn systems… for the acquisition and cultivation of clients, and the building of a prosperous coaching business.
The LIVE seminars and workshops will change your professional life

     The LIVE workshops (full days Friday and Saturday, and a half-day wrap up on Sunday) will be in SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA (November 15, 16 and 17, 2019), SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA (February 7, 8 and 9, 2020), and DEARBORN, MICHIGAN (May 15, 16 and 17, 2020). These will be highly interactive (very entertaining) challenging workshops where you and the most ambitious and talented coaches in the world learn first-hand how prosperous careers are built, one client at a time.

Our 2019 ACS coaches


Do you have a wealth-producing system?

      I learned from one of my favorite clients of all time (Microchip Technologies, and their president, Steve Sanghi) that every system in the world is already perfect…..or, to put a finer point on it: every system is perfect for the result it now gets.

     Therefore: if you want a different result, put in a different system!

     What is your system?

     This is a learning process for coaches who want to shift the focus from themselves (and their worries and struggles) to clients (and the prosperity that flows when you serve them).

     So I am teaching the program I have always wanted to teach full out: Advanced Client Systems.


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    * TWO private coaching sessions with Steve Chandler when you register now for the PRE-School.
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    * Our MONTHLY Zoom Q & A call with Steve Chandler focused on Becoming Prosperous NOW as a coach. These calls continue each month until the school begins in November.
    * The FOURTH bonus is Steve's specially recorded WHY WOULD I HIRE A COACH? This is an audio you can send to any prospective client you interact this audio Steve makes the case for coaching as it has never been made before.

   * And the FIFTH BONUS is Steve's highly acclaimed MindShift Success Course. Learn the mindshifts necessary to reach your and your clients' goals, near and far, with this ten-hour downloadable audio course.



Our ACS 2019 coaches



Twelve webinars to last you a lifetime

      The heart and soul of this teaching was foreshadowed in How to Get Clients, moved further along in The Prosperous Coach, 37 Ways to BOOST Your Coaching Practice, and Crazy Good: A Book of CHOICES. Read those books, and the fundamental philosophy is yours.








      But Advanced Client Systems is a program created to move beyond philosophy and into actionable strategies, tactics, activities and, of course, systems.

      Pedal to the metal! Participants receive a webinar twice a month during the six-month program. That’s twelve (12) webinars (minimum... we have some surprise additions planned for this go-round) to keep forever on how to expand your practice and establish your own reliable, repeatable systems for client creation. I’ll be answering questions, coaching people live, and interviewing guest coaches who have secrets of their own on how to build strong client-filled practices.

     Those webinars alone, if listened to wisely, attentively and repeatedly, would be worth your price of admission.



Jason Goldberg with Byron Katie

     "This man has (and continues to) change my life! One of the reasons that I am the coach that I am today is because of his wisdom and leadership.
     Seeing him model masterful coaching and transformational living and practice building through the advanced clients systems program was one of the most insightful and empowering experiences of my life.
     If you are a coach who is committed to greatness in building your practice without internet marketing tactics or having to have a huge mailing list or twitter followers, want a group of extraordinary peer coaches to learn from AND will demand the results from yourself that are required to truly be prosperous, being a part of Steve Chandler's next program may be the greatest investment you ever make in yourself."
~ Jason Goldberg,



You’ll be with me every morning!

     To create a ridiculously influential connection to you, and to make sure this six months really embeds into your brain the quantum GROWTH of your practice, Steve will deliver a brief video tip to you every morning of the work week starting in February.


     Make your coffee and sit down with Steve as he looks you in the eye talking from the cluttered charm of his home to give you the freshest CLIENT tip he can conjure every single morning for the full six months. No "seminar" or "workshop" has ever delivered this kind of sustained, daily maintenance......  In this morning kick-start to your client-attracting day, Steve C. will answer questions you've sent in and deliver the kinds of rants and tips that only he can bring forth. Indelible magic for your day to feed on.

     In ADDITION, you'll receive a daily email that contains a separate and different practice-building tip.
      Yes you’ll have three wonderful interactive inspiring and motivational LIVE weekends of work and fun, and to make certain the inspiration and transformation doesn't wear off, Steve will be with you every morning, every working day, with a client-acquiring email tip as well as the VIDEO message! 

     Steve will MAKE certain that what you learned at the exciting, entertaining weekends will be retained and applied each and every day for an entire half-year of your professional life. If you can't be a Prosperous Coach after such a thorough indoctrination, then what can anyone say?



Steve Chandler and Ankush Jain





Steve Chandler and Ken Wilber



Best practices consulting EVERY WEEK

     Our Peer Best Practices program will give you a session each week by phone or Skype with another coach (whom you select) in the program. These are sessions in which you will be sharing your best practices….and getting coaching on increasing your success rate immediately.

     You’ll learn valuable, unforgettable lessons from each other. You’ll notice the exciting fact that every coach in the world coaches differently! You'll be getting and giving weekly coaching! That’s good news because no matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert or anything in between you’ll discover THERE IS A SYSTEM FOR YOU that will work well and lead to prosperity.




     Note: This is a school  for coaches who have really turned PRO. You have to have (or have had) at least three paying clients to qualify for the school.


     Questions? Email our director, Maurice Bassett, at






     The minute you sign up you will immediately receive your STARTER KIT containing Steve Chandler's Prosperous Coach and 37 Ways to BOOST Your Coaching Practice audiobooks and you will have immediate access to our members-only ACS Facebook page.

PLUS the following early enrollment BONUSES for those who enroll RIGHT NOW:

* TWO private coaching sessions with Steve Chandler when you register now for the PRE-School.

   * A WEEKLY prosperity-building audio program by Steve that's designed to JUMP START your success with client acquisition.
    * Our MONTHLY Zoom Q & A call with Steve Chandler focused on Becoming Prosperous NOW as a coach. These calls continue each month until the school begins in November.
    * The FOURTH bonus is Steve's specially recorded WHY WOULD I HIRE A COACH? This is an audio you can send to any prospective client you interact this audio Steve makes the case for coaching as it has never been made before.

   * And the FIFTH BONUS is Steve's highly acclaimed MindShift Success Course. Learn the mindshifts necessary to reach your and your clients' goals, near and far, with this ten-hour downloadable audio course.



How to Be a Prosperous Coach

by Steve

     Consider the sad fate of the unsuccessful success coach. He urges people to take him on as a coach. He even suggests that he can help them become successful at whatever their current project (issue, opportunity, problem) is. But both he and the prospective client notice that he himself is not successful.
     Physician heal thyself!
     If you are a coach your bank account will be a reflection of how profoundly and how often you serve people. That sounds brutally materialistic and capitalistic. (Capitalism is a derisive term coined by Karl Marx in Das Kapital.)
     But all successful coaches realize that the service formula is true.
     When they are on their game and into the groove, their bank account reflects it. But only always.
     So how to do this? How to take my love of coaching and transfer that love over to the "hard part" of this business,  sometimes known as selling? Won't I myself become a term of derision?
     Not when you swing it. Not when you love it. Not when you can dance with the devil by the light of the moon and see that he was just wearing a fun costume. The night is young. We are meant to have fun. You don't have to have a coaching practice with any "hard part" in it. This I have experienced to be will work for you, when you USE these ten ideas as tools.

The Top 10 Big Ideas

1. Sell the Experience, Not the Concept
     People buy the concept in most professions. They know what an accountant is, they know what an acupuncturist is, a carpet cleaner, a massage therapist. Tell me about a good one and I'll go use them, no problem.
     But coaching is different. People don't know what coaching is. Not really. Every coach is so different! So clients don't have anything, really, to base their buying decision on. If you try to sell the CONCEPT of coaching by giving conceptual what you charge, what your credentials are, how you work, what you promise, etc. people will not buy your coaching. (Have you noticed?)
     They need the experience. They need to know FOR SURE that this investment is a good one. And there are ways to do that. There are systems that are both fun and easy, and keep you out of the world of marketing and selling and REJECTION and into the world of giving and serving and enjoying every moment you spend with your prospects.
2. Stop Believing in Yourself
     Trusting and believing are fool's errands, especially in the world of coaching. They are also examples of very poor time management.
     You want certainty. Case histories. Facts. Reality. Reality is on your side. So you are going to ask questions and tell short stories. That's how prospects become clients. They love the insights they get when they answer your questions, and they are reassured when you tell your stories about other people you have helped.
     You will want to keep an active and vibrant success journal that you refer to and read through prior to every call or meeting with a prospect. Someone sends you an email saying they have had a wonderful breakthrough because of a session with you and you will IMMEDIATELY  add that into your journal. This is reality. This does not involve the problematic Disneyesque activity of believing in yourself, trusting the universe or wishing on a star.
     Trying to believe in yourself just gets in your way and will eventually make you a nervous wreck. It's also infantile and will arrest your development into being a prosperous adult professional.
3. Let Your Niche Find YOU
     Most coaching "certification" programs urge novice coaches to find and choose a niche...a specialty!
     I have never encountered such counter-productive nonsense. Most of the coaches I know who are extremely successful have no niche at all. A niche would limit them! It would shut them off from many categories of people who are yearning for their help.
     I know coaches who emerge from "certification" programs crowing about the niche they have chosen. They have no clients, but they have a niche! "I am going to coach rodeo clowns!" I mean, good luck!
     The only time I see a niche working in a coach's favor is when it emerges on its own.....if you have a certain success in a certain category (and it can happen by accident) you can now go to other people in that category and they are more likely to listen to your success stories. But even then, you don't have to let it restrict you.
4. Don't Just Be Good at What You Do
     Greatness is a job requirement in coaching. Just as it is in athletics and the performing arts like acting, singing and dancing. You must, every day, move toward absolute mastery and greatness.  
     Good enough is not good enough.
     But that's good news. That makes this profession fun. You are now on a never-ending journey upward. You read books, watch classes on optimal living (while taking notes), and listen to audios on your walks and in your car. Why? Because you can always be better, wiser, more effective.
     You do this because your clients won't. You read the book your client doesn't have time or mindset to read. You take the class your client never took. You are thesource of transformation for your client.  
     You learn from other coaches. You study their moves. You copy them and improve on them. You incorporate what they do into your own way of coaching and your very greatness is what eventually gets you clients... because, as in any other profession, when you reach greatness, people can't stop telling their friends and colleagues about you.
     This profession is about seeing the greatness in other people and bringing it out. If you yourself are not doing that for yourself (developing your own greatness), then you will never be prosperous.
5. Stay in the Prospect's World
     What should you say about yourself in an email or voicemail or in a phone conversation?
     In an optimal world of effortless client-acquisition, you do not exist. Your email strikes a chord only WHEN IT IS ALL ABOUT THE RECIPIENT OF THE EMAIL.
     Yet most coaches waste all their days selling, promoting, marketing, connecting, funnel-building, spamming, blitzing, swaggering, posting, crowing, scamming and personal branding. They don't even know what it is to venture into the client's world. They remain shriveled up inside a narcissistic personality-cocoon created from their own self-fascination and fear. Therefore they are always isolated and disconnected from the client. They are, "Lost and afraid in a world they never made."
     You want to be prosperous?  
     Enter the client's world.
6. Die Before Going into Battle
     Like the Samurai do. They would die to themselves. In their minds. Then, in battle, they were now free to whirl and dance. Not fearing death, their movements were unexpected, imaginative, flowing, creative and they became nearly immortal.
     You can do the same. You may need money, but you do not NEED THIS PERSON'S MONEY. Stop behaving as if you do. It makes you look needy. Needy is creepy. That's why stalking is a crime. This class will show you how to replace stalking with serving. Your self-esteem will rise every day. Your self-esteem is a MAJOR factor in your client's decision to hire you.
7. Generate and Create Referrals
     Do not ask for referrals. I know, everyone teaches you to do that, but how has that worked for you?, other than lowering your self-esteem and making your client feel creepy.
     Asking a person for a referral only tells that person that your calendar is wide open because you are not a good enough coach to have people lining up to hire you. It is a pathetic confession of failure, which is why it doesn't work. Here's an important rule to remember: do not be pathetic.
     In this class I'll show you how to get referrals. Yes, you'll talk about them, but YOU WILL NOT ASK FOR THEM ever again.
8. Let Your Own Coach Boost Your Success Rate
     A coach without a coach is like a doctor who won't see a doctor. What if your doctor referred you to another doctor, a specialist, and you asked your doctor, "Would you go to him yourself?" And he says, "Oh, no. I don't go to doctors, ever. They just screw you up."
     Keep interviewing coaches for yourself until you find one who will help you accelerate YOUR FINANCIAL that her fee is a total non issue.
     No client trusts a coach who has no coach. And do you blame them? What are you going to tell them when they ask? You can't afford one? (Inspiring!) Or you don't believe coaching works? (Wow.)
9. Make Sure You Are Coaching Someone Today
     Most coaches make the mistake of holding out for big packages or large fees long before they have paid their spiritual dues.
     If you are beginning your coaching practice, do whatever it takes to be coaching people. Charge a dollar for an hour of coaching if that's where you have to start. Because the more you coach, the better you get. And the better you get, the more people talk about how good you are. And the more people talk about you, the more their friends contact you to find out what all the talk is about. And when that happens, you raise your fees. Not before.
10. Learn to Love the Hard Parts
     If anything looks or feels hard as you move through your day as a coach, slow it down. Slow it WAY down. Find a way to make it easier and more fun. The more fun it is, the more you will love doing it, and the more successful and effective it will be. 
     Take whatever is not fun and do it differently until it becomes fun. I will give examples of this in the class. Just know, it can be done with ANYTHING, and once it is, your effectiveness will soar.







Steve is a master. He’s way more than a coach and what he does is much more than coaching. He can dial in to what you are working on and provide strategic, highly leveraged next actions and support almost instantly. 10 minutes on the phone with Steve Chandler is more effective, more valuable, AND more fun than two hours with most people face-to-face.

Master Coach



As a coach, it has been difficult to find a truly genuine and predictable approach to selling my services. I’ve maintained a 6-figure practice the past few years, but, until Steve’s course in Coaching Prosperity, the genuine arrival of new clients has been a mystery to me.I spent hours of time and thousands of dollars to “GET CLIENTS NOW,” and learn the latest and greatest from all the books, marketing boot camps, and seminars only to find more spins on that ancient and inauthentic practice of Guerilla Marketing. I’m not against these techniques, they have produced great results for my own companies and my clients, but, coaching is a bit different.Great coaches lose power when they fake it or try to “play the odds” with all the flyers, brochures, advertisements, and tricks. It’s not carpet cleaning we are selling. We’re not selling a piece of furniture, or changing appearances; we are changing lives.THANK YOU for your training and your guidance during the first 2 days of the school. You have helped me establish a truly authentic and predictable approach to filling my practice. When I applied just two things you shared on the FIRST DAY of the Coaching School - it brought in $9,000 in new business in less than 5 days…and the referrals continue to show up.

Unlocking Potential



“I’ve had my coaching business for nearly 18 years.  For at least 12 of those, I’ve dreamed of having a full practice.  I’ve dreamed of having a waiting list.  A waiting list of one would be enough.I’m a successful coach, so I’ve been busy with lots of clients for years.  Yet I’ve never felt like I was close to declaring a BINGO…hold your cards…this business is full!!!I attended Steve’s Coaching Prosperity School about five weeks ago.  In that time, I’ve added six new clients and have four others likely to start soon.The thing is, I don’t have room for all four. I have room for two.  By the end of this week I’ll probably be full. It’s crazy.  I did it. Thanks Steve!”

Trailblazer Coaching



“Steve Chandler’s coaching school is the most powerful thing I have done for my business in over 10 years. My prior mid six figure income is now skyrocketing and at the same time I am enjoying more peace and calm in my daily business. I actually took off two days last week. This is how I imagined my consulting and coaching practice could be. Chandler’s six month school is both practical and magical. If you are fortunate enough to attend this class…just do it. Don’t let your reasons stop you. It would be like having a winning lottery ticket in your hand and then not scratching off the winning numbers to cash it in. I highly recommend you enroll in this class and move your business to 7 figures.”

~ STEPHEN McGHEE, Leadership Coach and author of Learning to Believe the Unbelievable



“When I heard about this weekend, I was both excited and a bit skeptical. I hold Steve in the highest regard, and at the same time I was silently like “$9K for 4 days – are you kidding?” I wasn’t sure he’d even fill the class. Oops. My bad. :-) The class filled quickly, and he had to turn a lot of people away. And everyone I talked to felt it was an absolute home run.For me, it was life changing. I very well may have received $100K in value in just two days, and everyone I talked to felt it was a home run. We’ll see what happens over the next six months…I set the commitment to double my income, and the intention to increasing it by even more.”Steve holds a beautiful presence, and he is hilarious. Laughter and joy are very high vibrations, and it was a very joyful weekend. Plus, by enrolling some exceptional people in the group, the group energy fed on itself. If you do teach classes, please note that you don’t have to hold all the energy yourself! For example, I love the energy of this group, and your commitment to yourselves and to each other. Much of the value of our class – and of Steve’s class – comes from the energy field we create together. Then to top it off, Steve Hardison (Chandler’s coach, who charges $150K/year and is one of the top coaches in the world) made a surprise appearance on Saturday afternoon, and took things up another 3-4 octaves. We went into the weekend as strangers and competitors, and we came out as spiritual family.”

Life and Executive Coach



“The power of being in a Coaching School is truly dynamic, for all those participating. Being in one led by Steve Chandler, is priceless. Not only that, I’ve gained MORE in the ongoing, weekly accountability process than pretty much all the books on my shelf… COMBINED. Oh, and don’t be at all surprised if you make fabulous new friendships and strike up creative new business relationships with your fellow attendees… I have!”

Marketing & Life Change Coach



“Steve’s impact on my life has been nothing short of life changing. He embodies empowerment, forward momentum and absolute ownership of your life and the results you are seeing. After reading everything he has published, I spent three days with him -face to face- in January of 2008. By May of the same year, I had already increased my income 10X. I am now thrilled to be a part of his Coaching Prosperity School and have, after just three weeks had (again) tremendous breakthroughs in my coaching and speaking practice. The first two days with the Coaching Prosperity Mastermind group were phenomenal, but when combined with the weekly accountability to the group and Steve’s gentle leadership, I am reminded daily that all things are possible!”




The curriculum is condensed, powerful and effective as a learning curve. The  Coaches Prosperity School is exactly that, coaching for mastery and bringing each coach who enrolled to their true mastery. In the coaches school, Steve brought all the other coaches to their true compass heading. The brilliance, intimacy, energy, and life passion which were created during those two days was an awesome phenomenon to behold. The good part is that each coach has now set intentions and goals, and is taking full responsibility to double their income.”Steve didn’t just hit one out of the ballpark this time; he knocked the stadium over with this teaching! Don’t hesitate or worry about finding the money – enroll in this powerful learning experience”

Author of  75 Principles of Conscious Leadership



“Steve Chandler’s Coaching School is all at once remarkable and revealing, ambitious and provocative. In the first two days of live coaching I experienced and received more useful knowledge and guidance than I have (ever) received in YEARS of attending other success and practice-building seminars — YES! It is that profound.The interaction among students and teacher was absolutely astonishing. Two weeks after returning from the opening workshop I created an additional $3,200 in income as a direct result of a technique I learned from Steve.”

Scott Young Design Consulting
Charlotte, NC



“Steve Chandler is more than a great teacher, coach and mentor. He is an inspired and inspiring human being. Because of the school — and my “classmates” — my life and work are changing in amazing ways.”

Leadership Coaching and Communications
Carmel Valley, CA



“Steve Chandler is an amazing, no nonsense, straight-forward coach who motivates your soul into action. He has inspired me to personal breakthroughs that will allow me to transform my professional and personal life to a higher level. I now have the courage and confidence to create my own destiny and not hide behind my fears.”

Project Coach




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