A personal message from Steve:

    "I got the idea for this group when the response to my recent book, CREATOR, was so enthusiastic. I was genuinely surprised because the book felt riskier, maybe more spiritual and 'out there' than anything I'd written before.
     But after getting so many emails and messages about it I realized that people were already very awake to what I was writing about, and very open to the idea that creativity is for everyone and the more we open up to it the better our lives get.
    So the idea came to keep the conversation going......not have it come to a full stop with the end of the book.
    That's what gave birth to this year-long brainstorm on the practical value of reawakening and expressing the same kind of fearless creativity we had as children.
    I will be interviewing people who inspire me in this arena, and I will be looking each week to share with you all I'm learning on this mission to live an ever-more inspired life, both professionally and personally."

You'll receive:
    * Monthly recordings of Zoom Interviews between Steve Chandler
and fascinating people who create great things in the
world. We will learn their insights and advice about creativity
and will become inspired to open our own imaginations.
    * Weekly CREATOR BRAINSTORM emails written
by Steve to keep our ideas flowing and our excitement
high about what there is to CREATE each week.
   * Bi-Monthly LIVE Zoom sessions led by Steve in which
we ask and answer questions about creating breakthroughs,
creating business success, creating relationships, creating
prosperity, creating anything and everything.
   * The AUDIO version of the book CREATOR. (When it's released.)
   * Sneak preview chapters from Steve's next book,
INSPIRED, as it is being written.
   * Ongoing bonus audios and videos throughout the
year designed to inspire ever-expanding creativity
in your world.

   * The CREATOR Group lasts through June 1, 2020!



   * Book NOW for a one-time payment of $244 and receive Immediate Access to our lively thought-provoking CREATOR Group CLOSED Facebook page (already active), your first CREATOR Group Zoom Interview with Steve Chandler and Michael Neill exploring Creating the Impossible and other inspiring creativity ideas, TWO personally autographed copies of Steve's popular book RIGHT NOW, made out to whomever you wish, and immediate receipt of the weekly CREATOR Brainstorm emails.


      "I'm already signed up for The CREATOR Group and am looking forward to the kind of crazytown inspiration that only Steve Chandler can deliver!"

                                                   ~ Jason Goldberg, Author of Prison Break.

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